2023 Ford Ranger Lariat – Spare Tire Carrier – Rear Underframe in Kamloops

January 24,2023

The 2023 Ford Ranger Lariat is a pickup truck that is going to be known for its top-notch features and capabilities. A feature that is anticipated to stand out the most is its rear underframe spare tire carrier. This innovative design element not only adds a rugged and functional touch to the vehicle but also provides a number of practical benefits for drivers. For instance, the rear underframe spare tire carrier on the Ranger Lariat allows the truck to maintain a low profile and streamlined appearance. By mounting the spare tire under the vehicle's frame, it is out of sight and does not disrupt the overall aesthetic of the truck. This can be good for drivers who prefer a more modern vehicle look. Apart from its visual appeal, the 2023 Ford Ranger Lariat rear underframe spare tire carrier also serves a practical purpose. By positioning the spare tire in this location, it is more easily accessible in the event of a flat or other tire issues. This can be another valuable asset for drivers who frequently find themselves on rough terrain or in off-road situations where a spare tire might be needed. What's more, the rear underframe spare tire carrier on the 2023 Ford Ranger Lariat helps free up space in the truck's bed. With the spare tire mounted in this location, the bed has more room for hauling equipment, tools, or other items. If you want to buy tires for your vehicle, you can try out Skaha Ford's tire search to help you find the right ones.