Advantages of the 2021 Ford F-250’s Engineering in Vernon

May 25,2022

Each and every day, commercial fleet operators face difficult loads and tiring jobs. To be successful and in the game for the long haul, they need a truck built with durability in mind. That rig is the 2021 F-250 from Skaha Ford in BC. This Super Duty can handle the most arduous tasks – from the ground up. A key highlight of the 2021 F-250 is its engineering. This pickup's body is comprised of high-strength, military-grade aluminum alloy that is light yet sturdy and heat-treated for further strength. The Super Duty's body and cargo bed are also rust-resistant to prevent corrosion and extend the vehicle's life. Furthermore, the F-250 has been constructed for extremes. The driveshafts, transfer cases and U-joints are designed to handle the Super Duty's massive torque output, which is necessary for heavy-duty hauling and weighty loads. An electromagnetic clutch in the 4WD transfer case also offers smooth and rapid shifting capabilities when extra traction is required. Equip your commercial fleet with the truck that's made for the job. Contact our staff at Skaha Ford in BC to learn more about the Super Duty, including finance options, availability and specifications. We also offer medium-duty truck repairs and maintenance. Ask us about it today!