Are All-Season Tires the Best Choice in BC, Canada?

May 25,2022

Before all-season tires came to Canada in the late 1970s, drivers had to swap out their treads whenever the weather got cold. Now, this option provides performance throughout the year. All-season tires use a pliable and flexible rubber that can handle both snow and summer heat. Here are some of the main reasons BC drivers should choose this option.  They are versatile Since they are made to handle various conditions, these tires are very versatile. You will find a label saying “M+S” on most of them (meaning "mud and snow"). In locations with severe winter weather, however, they are not a stand-in for wheels offering deeper treads. They are economical All-season tires cost less than dedicated snow units. This is because the thicker tread and different rubber composition of specialised products increase their price tag.  They are convenient All-season tires don't need to be changed annually, although you may want to visit a service centre to rotate them and check the wheel alignment.  Contact our BC, Canada dealership to discuss tire options for your vehicle.