BC Drivers: Best Maintenance Tips for Brakes

May 25,2022

Maintaining the braking system of your Ford vehicle is critical. Over time, wear and tear can cause this intricate mechanism to malfunction. This can be potentially deadly. So, here are a few tips to keep your working in tip-top shape.

First, check the brake pads and rotors. These parts are the contact points that stop the tires. Due to frequent friction, they can become worn down quite quickly. If you smell a burning odour or notice a slow response when you step on the brake pedal, these could be indicators that they need to be replaced.

Next, you should routinely flush the brake fluid. Used to transfer pressure from the pedal to the pads/rotors, this liquid is vital to proper function. However, it can cause corrosion. If it becomes milky or cloudy, it needs to be replaced.

Another thing you can do is bleed the brake line. When excess air is stuck, the entire system can begin to deteriorate. You can clear it out after flushing the fluid. Finally, upgrading to slotted disc brakes is a great way to make the system last longer. This version is more resistant to heat. You could also switch to ceramic pads to reduce noise.

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