BC Drivers: Learn About the Air Filters for Ford Vehicles

May 25,2022

While the term “air filter” may seem self-explanatory, it serves as an umbrella phrase in the auto industry. There are several different types including one for the cabin and another for the engine. Their purpose is to eliminate particles to prevent pollutants from getting inside the cockpit or the motor bay. The main air filter is for the engine. Its job is to feed clean into the mechanism. However, if you hear the term “air filtration”, it is typically referring to the cabin version which is responsible for removing dust, pollen, bacteria, and even mould from the vehicle's ventilation system. Next, the air pump filter prevents contaminants from entering the air supply for the injection system. If any of these components are not functioning properly, the restriction indicator will identify the issue and alert you. You will then need to visit a mechanic to fix the problem. Another term you may see is air pollution score. This is a rating given by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to every new model on the road. Ranking from zero to ten, the digit reflects the number of air pollutants that are generated while the vehicle is in operation. Need a new air filter? Contact Ford Parts BC now!