BC Drivers: Learn How to Maintain the Starter

May 25,2022

While older vehicles may have hydraulic starter motors, newer models tend to be equipped with electrical versions. Responsible for cranking the engine, this component will determine if you’re going to work today or not.

First, you should keep the connectors clean. These are wires that conjoin the battery and the start motor together. Dirt and grime can lead to corrosion, which will eventually cause the system to fail.

Next, tighten the mounting bolts. These hold the starter motor in place. If you hear a grinding sound, it could indicate that the bolts are loose.

After that, it’s time to dust off the solenoid. This is the starter relay that allows electricity to move from the battery to the motor. It is a small, cylindrical piece that serves as a sort of terminal. You should sweep away any debris regularly.

Then, it is time to clean the battery terminals. Hydrogen gas produced by the battery can become corrosive over time. You don’t want that sitting on any element in the start system. Finally, you should inspect the flywheel. This is a rotating device that helps get the engine revved up. It has teeth that should be in good condition (no cracks or missing fangs).

Contact Ford Parts BC to find the correct starter pieces for your vehicle.

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