BC Drivers: Slip Inside the 2022 Ford Explorer Limited

May 25,2022

Boasting leather upholstery with heated/ventilated front seats, the mid-level 2022 Ford Explorer Limited offers quite a bit of luxury to BC drivers. Coming soon to our dealership, you can hop on the waitlist for one now!

The first major update that you will love on the inside is the 12-speaker Bang & Olufsen sound system. Combined with SiriusXM Satellite Radio, Bluetooth, and advanced smartphone integration, you can listen to anything you want. The experience will be fully immersive and studio-quality. A wireless charging pad has also been put into place to help reduce clutter in the cabin.

Other enhancements include many safety components such as a 360-degree camera unit, parking sensors, and a Lane Keeping mechanism. The first allows you to see what’s happening around you before moving from your space. The second will alert you to nearby objects, and the third will keep you centred as you travel. If you begin to sway left or right, it can even make minor steering adjustments to prevent you from running off the road.

Finally, multi-coloured ambient lighting allows you to set a specific mood for the cockpit.

Get in contact with our experts to give the Ford Explorer a try in person!

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