BC Drivers: Understanding Bushings in Ford Vehicles

Jun 7,2022

With so many moving components inside, Ford vehicles house many different types of machinery pieces to keep everything lined up and moving smoothly. That includes bushings. Typically crafted out of polyurethane, rubber, or another sturdy yet flexible material, bushings serve as cushions for various elements in the steering and suspension systems. You will find them mounted to the joints of either mechanism. Their main purposes are to absorb the impact of bumpy roads and control the amount of vibration or noise that is produced. At some point, bushings can wear down and need to be replaced. As they age, they tend to allow more movement, and you may feel something similar to a shimmy as the driver. You may also start to hear rattling or clunking noises whenever you go over rough roads, hit the brakes, or turn the steering wheel. In other words, loose bushings can cause poor handling and loose steering. The most common places you will find bushings are in the control arms, ball joints, tie rods, stabilizer (sway) bars, strut mounts, and shock absorbers. Causes of wear can include heat, exposure to lubricants/road salts, stress from heavy loads, and age. To find a new bushing, contact the team at Ford Parts BC.