BC Drivers: Understanding Heated Parts in Ford Vehicles

June 7,2022

In modern vehicles, mid- to high-level trims typically come with various heated elements in and outside. This article covers the most common components with warming mechanisms. First is the heater which is included on the air conditioning unit. A device known as an exchanger is placed inside the ventilation system - where it diffuses the heat from the motor's cooling system and transforms it into a suitable airstream that is moved by an inline fan. Meanwhile, heater hoses serve as tubing that carries the coolant from the cooling system to the heater's core. On the exterior, heated side mirrors are built with internal electronic coils that melt away ice buildup during the winter. Also, a heated windshield is designed with embedded elements that resist fog. Some models may even come with heated windshield wipers. Inside the cabin, heated seats (typically cloth or leather) are highly sought after. These help keep you cozy in the winter. The tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel - which is often wrapped in leather - can also be heated for the same purpose. Do you need to replace any of the heated components on your vehicle? Get in touch with the team of friendly agents at Ford Parts BC to begin an online order today!