BC Drivers: Understanding Keyless Systems on Ford Vehicles

June 7,2022

One of the biggest advancements in automotive history is the development of keyless entry systems. And no other brand knows more about this technology than Ford. The very first installation of this type was initially seen in the 1980 Ford Thunderbird, and it was called the Keyless Entry System. Later versions were renamed the SecuriCode. It was an exterior keypad on the driver-side door located just above the handle. It consisted of five buttons, and you would input the code in order to unlock the vehicle. Nowadays, you can see various types of keyless entry mechanisms including remote and proximity. Both require a key fob that may or may not need to be used. Older versions need you to press the corresponding button to lock or unlock the vehicle. However, newer models will operate those functions if you simply get close to the car with the key fob on your person. Taking things a step further is the remote start and push-button start features. One enables you to get the vehicle started without going outside. The other allows you to start the ignition by pressing the button located near the steering wheel. Contact Ford Parts BC to begin an online order now!