BC Drivers: Understanding Popular Exterior Elements on Ford Vehicles

Jun 7,2022

No matter which Ford vehicle you own or what year it is from, it has many exterior components that are designed for your convenience and safety. You can find outside accessories and replacements at Ford Parts BC. The most common is a set of side mirrors. These units are mounted just below the driver and passenger windows. Most newer models come with heated, power-adjustable side mirrors that can be manually folded in to protect them during off-roading or tight parking. Some may also include sensors for the blind spot monitoring system - which alerts you when another car is next to you. Another standard component on the outside is a rearview camera. Installed on the back of the vehicle, it transmits a live video image to the interior touchscreen interface. Here, you can see if there are any obstacles behind you before moving from your parking spot. This can also be bolstered by sensors to detect moving objects as is seen with the rear cross-traffic alert system. Finally, there is a temperature sensor outside that will let you know what the weather is like at that precise moment. You can view the temperature on the digital display located inside the car, truck, van, or SUV. Contact Ford Parts BC to learn more!