BC Drivers: Understanding the Ball Joints on Ford Vehicles

May 25,2022

The purpose of any joint in any machine is to allow two parts to move in conjunction with one another. In the case of vehicles, ball joints are essentially the same thing. These movable pieces are located in the steering linkage and suspension system. They allow the rotation of parts in any direction as long as those two components are joined together by the ball joint. Pictured, you can see a versatile ball join for just under 70 different Ford vehicles. Positions this part can take include left lower, right lower, and front lower sections. Another name that you may hear this piece referred to as is joint assembly. This particular part is designed for the mono beam axle and the Twin I-Beam suspension. It is usually found on the Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty trucks produced between 1987 and 2020. Please keep in mind that it is only for models with RWD. It is not compatible with 4WD versions of these pickups. The following trim levels are eligible for this piece: Lariat XLT XL Custom Special Eddie Bauer Base Limited King Ranch Harley Davidson Edition FX4 Cabela's Platinum Contact the agents at Ford Parts BC to start an online order for ball joints today!