BC Drivers: Understanding the Bed of a Ford Truck

May 25,2022

Truck owners are all too familiar with the term "bed". While this word is sometimes interchangeable with box, the two are the same. The bed or box is typically seen in seven different styles for pickups. These include the short, long, extended, step-side, flare-side, dually, and flat. As for SUVs that ride on a truck-inspired chassis, they can be known as dump beds or tanks. The dimensions of this area consist of the width, depth, and height. However, the length is measured from the front wall to the tailgate - which must be closed for accuracy. Some units are eligible for a bed extender. This is added to the tailgate when it is open. It sits on top to allow long items to rest past the bed without falling out. To prevent scratches, dents, and dings, you can also get a bedliner. These can be spray-on from the factory or heavy=duty plastic versions that are added later. Other bed features can include a tonneau cover to protect the payload, tie-down loops to secure loose items, and even organizational elements for enhanced storage. Need to buy extra components for your bed? Contact Ford Parts BC to begin your online order now!