BC Drivers: Understanding the Components of the Fuel System in a Ford Vehicle

June 7,2022

One term in the auto world that has been subject to much criticism over the recent decades is fuel economy. With the rising prices of gasoline, many people find themselves looking for vehicles that are more efficient. In this article, you will learn everything about the fuel system and its major components First is the fuel filler neck. This is the part you see when you stop at the gas station to refill your tank. It is the tube that the pump nozzle goes into, and its job is to transport the fuel to the container. Once you're finished, it is then sealed off by the filler cap. Next is the fuel filter. This canister is usually made of metal or plastics, and its main purpose is to stop contaminants and particles from infiltrating the engine. Lines and hoses serve as connectors to move the liquid fuel throughout the vehicle, and the fuel/water separator prevents H2O from ruining the fuel filtration system. The final piece of the puzzle is the fuel injection system. This device pushes fuel through a tiny nozzle via high pressure into the motor. Need to replace a component in your vehicle's fuel system? Contact Ford Parts BC to begin your order.