BC Drivers: Understanding the Pulley Inside Ford Vehicles

June 7,2022

To make any type of engine work, movement is needed. In order to generate movement, pulleys are commonly used. This is the device you will find inside a vehicle. The very first compound pulley system was invented by Archimedes in the third century BCE. A mathematician, astronomer, and physicist, he created many devices that are still used today. However, the earliest evidence of single pulleys dates back to Ancient Egypt in approximately 1991 BCE. Now, cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs house something known as an idler pulley. This is a guide for a chain or belt to move through. Also referred to as a serpentine idler pulley, this piece is crucial for engines to do their jobs properly. The design of a pulley is like a wheel that you might see on a shaft or axle. It allows cables, belts, ropes, or chains to move and change direction to either forward/backward or up/down. Some can also transfer power or exert force. They can have grooves between the flanges all the way around the circumference of the pulley. This is to hold the belt in place as it moves. Need to replace the pulley in your vehicle? Contact the team at Ford Parts BC now to begin an online order!