BC Drivers: Understanding the Spoiler on a Ford Vehicle

June 7,2022

Back in the day, spoilers were reserved only for athletic cars such as a sports or muscle model. However, they can now be seen on crossovers. So, what exactly is a spoiler, and why is it being used more nowadays? A spoiler is a fin or wing-shaped piece that is attached to the back of a vehicle. Deigned to change the airflow pattern, it helps reduce the effects of wind resistance (drag). If they are mounted under a vehicle, then this is to generate downforce to improve grip at higher speeds. First created in the 1960s to enhance aerodynamics, they began to gain rapid popularity when automakers realized that they can ramp up a vehicle's fuel economy significantly. Here is how a spoiler works. As a vehicle picks up speed, more drag is produced to pull the car back. This makes the engine work extra hard to maintain the desired speed. Since it is going faster, more air is pushed underneath the vehicle - which results in more lift. This causes instability and reduces the overall grip (traction). Spoilers are most commonly seen on the backs of vehicles because the airflow tends to be more turbulent. Need a new spoiler? Contact the team at Ford Parts BC to begin your online order!