BC: Save Big and Stay Safe with Alignment Check Special Service

May 25,2022

British Columbia is famous for its unforgiving winter precipitation, which can become a problem when the roads get icy. At Skaha Ford, we have the solution. To prepare your vehicle for the area's slippery streets, we're offering our Alignment Check Special service for just $69.99 Regardless of whether you drive an SUV, car, truck, or crossover, our technical team has the knowledge and experience to make sure that your vehicle is properly aligned.   The thorough examination covers caster, toe, and camber angles, as well as an in-depth inspection of all suspension elements (such as ball-joints and bearings). We also check for uneven tire treads. If we find any irregularities or potential hazards, we'll help you get your car in perfect shape, so you're ready to take on any inclement weather you come across. Make an appointment now and take advantage of this great deal at Skaha Ford in Penticton, BC.