BC: What Is the ABS?

May 25,2022

If you have a modern vehicle, then you have probably heard the acronym â€œABS” at some point. This stands for Antilock Braking System, and it is very important for safe driving.

This computer-controlled mechanism prevents the brakes from locking when you stomp on the pedal. It also prevents tire skids, which will ultimately help keep premature wear and tear away. There are four main parts that function inside this component.

First are the speed sensors. These will monitor how fast the wheels rotate. Next are the valves located inside the brake line. They block and release pressure from three different positions. Then, there is the pump. Filled with hydraulic fluid, it applies force to the calipers or drums as needed. Finally, the controller is an electronic unit often referred to as ECU. It takes the data from the aforementioned sensors and determines if braking is necessary or not.

As a whole, all of these things operate in unison. When a lock-up is detected, the ABS will active the brakes over 100 times per second. This enables you to have better control over the vehicle as you come to a halt.

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