BC: What Is the Accelerator Pedal Link

May 25,2022

Although every element inside a modern vehicle is important for smooth operation, you won’t be going anywhere without the accelerator pedal. While its purpose is very straightforward – to move the car – you might not be aware of the crucial linkage that serves a major role in the overall function.

The accelerator pedal link is located between the accelerator and the carburettor. When your foot presses down on the gas, a certain air/fuel delivery process is initiated. As you continue to hold it down, it pivots and pulls on the throttle wire – which is connected to the link. This joint essentially controls the valve for engine air intake.

Without this tiny cable, oxygen would not be able to make it to the motor, and the automobile would not move. If it is faulty, the pedal could become stiff or even stick when you depress it. It may not release as normal, or it could also lack much motion at all. The “Check Engine” light will be activated if the link is bad. If this happens, you need to stop driving and get it repaired as soon as possible.

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