BC’s Slopes are Easy to Navigate in the 2021 Ford Expedition

May 25,2022

The slopes of BC are beautiful but they also prove tricky to navigate. Fortunately, the 2021 Ford Expedition has Hill Start Assist and Descent Control to help. Hill Start Assist works by sensing if you're resting on a slope. If you are, the brakes will automatically hold themselves for around two seconds after you remove your foot from the pedal. This gives you more time to hit the accelerator without rolling back – plus it works while reversing, too. Descent Control takes it further by incorporating speed governing capabilities and traction management with the anti-lock brakes. After you push a button on the dash, it constantly monitors and adjusts stopping pressure to prevent slipping and helps you maintain your velocity between 2 and 20 mph as you drive down slopes. That way, you can focus on steering as your SUV does the rest. Ask Skaha Ford for more about the 2021 Expedition today.