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How often should Penticton drivers adjust their breaks? 

You know just how important the braking system in your car is. But how often do you sit there and really think about it? You put your foot on the pedal and go from 50 to 0 in no time at all. That's the extent of the thought process. If your vehicle halts on command, it's working as it should. There are times when you need to investigate a little further to make sure when you hit that next red light, you don't suffer from any glitches and find yourself in a very dangerous situation on the road. 

The skinny on the braking system

2020 ford maintenance in penticton bc There are varying types of braking mechanisms depending on the vehicle, but the majority of standard systems—the one you probably have in your car right now—will use hydraulic disc brakes. Hydraulics operate on the principle of friction. When you press down on the pedal, it releases a fluid that applies pressure to the cylinder, controlling the brakes. This allows the tension to build up between the pads and the discs. This process stops the wheels from spinning using applied force. It sounds simple enough, but a lot goes into it to make it function properly. 

Inevitably, after all the road trips and commutes to the office, the pads and discs get worn out. This leads to a braking system that just doesn't work like it's supposed to. If you don't act fast to address the problem, the brake pads can disappear completely and lead to metal-on-metal friction on the disc. At that point, the cost to repair the issue will be multiplied greatly along with the unsafe drive of your vehicle. This is when a trip to the service station should be put on the do-to list. 


The wear and tear 

The frequency of maintenance appointments you'll need depends entirely on you—where you live, driving habits, and the general level of care you put into your car outside of the shop. Big cities and areas with a heavy traffic flow are bad for your brakes because all that starting and stopping can really put a dent in your pads. In areas like Penticton, the perils of slowly inching forward in a jam aren't as much of an issue. 

It's not easy to control how busy the roads are, but you can manage how you handle your vehicle. If you're a pedal-to-the-metal aggressive-type behind the wheel, you'll likely use your brakes more often than someone who uses a slow-and-steady-wins-the-race approach. The former will lead to accelerated deterioration of your pads and rotors.

The standard for brake checks in Penticton, BC 

2020 ford brake maintenance in penticton bc As a general rule, it's suggested you take your Ford into the shop for a regular check-up every 6 months. Twice a year is customary because it's more than likely the number of times you'll get a tire rotation and it's an easy spot for the mechanic during that service. If a problem does arise, your Ford professional will provide you with the details and swap them out for a brand new pair. 

You'll also need to get a brake adjustment if the caliper is removed for any reason. Placement of the pads and rotors need to be in a sweet spot, and even the smallest misstep in where they are can throw off the system. There are two detrimental things that can happen if you put off service. You could come to a screeching halt with the slightest touch of the brake pedal leading to discomfort or even injury, or go farther than you had intended, risking a collision on the road.

The good news is that your vehicle will likely let you know when it's time to see a technician. If you hear any metal-on-metal grinding, a loud screeching sound, or have noticed a significant decrease in stopping time, make an appointment with the Skaha Service Station in Penticton right away. Safety is first, after all! 


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