Bring Friends and More to Area 27 in BC After Skaha Ford’s Track Day

May 25,2022

Once you savour Area 27 in BC after attending Skaha Ford’s Track Day event, you may want to bring friends so they can experience it, too. Fortunately, members are allowed to have up to 15 companions come with them—plus attendees are also entitled to drive non-street-legal vehicles.

That’s right, bring your modded car and drive it as it was meant to be during designated times offered to non-street-legal vehicles (as long as it meets sound levels). Motorcycles are welcome as well, and they are provided separate opportunities for riding.

Members also may have spouses and dependents (up to 27 years old) accompany them, and you can add other family members from 28 to 35 for a small additional fee. That way, the whole gang is afforded the chance of on-the-track thrills in BC.

To learn more or join the Track Day event, contact Skaha Ford at [email protected]—but hurry; only limited spots are available!

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