Charging Your Electric Vehicle at Home in Ontario

Nov 23,2022

One of the greatest advantages when it comes to electric vehicles is the ability to charge your vehicle from the comfort of your home. Nowadays, all mass-produced electric vehicles contain a 110-volt (Level 1) charging unit that can be plugged into any ordinary 110v household outlet. While there’s level 2 and 3, it’s always best to choose the right charger for your home. Knowing what to look for is critical with so many electric vehicle chargers available on the market. A few things you should consider when making a purchase: • While many charging stations are hardwired and cannot be relocated, several modern models connect to a wall for added portability. These devices, however, may still require a 240-volt outlet to operate. • If the chosen model is not portable then to make sure that the car charger is positioned in a location where it can easily reach the electric vehicle port. Keep in mind that more EVs may need to be charged at this station in the future, so leave some wiggle room. • There are charging stations that allow charging to be scheduled during hours when electricity is cheaper. Some versions can also be programmed to resume charging automatically when the power is restored during an outage. Charging station activities can sometimes be synchronized via a smartphone app. For more details on how to charge your electric vehicle at home and the tools required, contact us at Skaha Ford. We provide a variety of options on Electric Vehicles that are a perfect fit for any budget.