Common Turbocharged Engine Problems in Vernon, BC

May 25,2022

A turbocharged engine offers benefits such as more torque and greater efficiency. However, the maintenance issues for these vehicles are slightly different than those of a car with a standard powertrain.  If you notice these issues, you can visit our service centre to have a skilled technician inspect your turbo engine and correct any problems - before they potentially compromise your car's performance. Low Oil Levels Low oil levels can cause several issues for turbo vehicles. One of the primary problems is that this deficiency can reduce the overall pressure, making it hard for the lubricant to reach every part of the engine. Failing Oil Seals Oil seals may fail if you drive a high-mileage vehicle. When they do, they leave gaps in the engine, and lubricant may get into the intake and exhaust. If these components get clogged, the motor needs to crank up the RPMs to compensate. Blue-tinted tailpipe emissions can be a signal of this problem. Low Air Pressure Leaking air systems can dramatically drop the pressure in the engine. Since the turbocharger needs this extra force to operate correctly, drivers may experience poor efficiency and lagging acceleration response.  If you suspect these problems with your turbocharged engine, contact our service centre today to schedule an appointment.