Diesel Particulate Filter Maintenance in Hedley

May 25,2022

Diesel trucks require regularly scheduled maintenance to keep medium duty commercial fleets on the road and generating profits. This includes ensuring the diesel particulate filter is functioning for optimal performance. At Skaha Ford in BC, our team of factory-trained technicians have the skills and equipment required to keep your diesel rigs in excellent shape. Maintaining the diesel particulate filter is critical because it can lead to costly breakdowns if not regularly cared for. When particulate in the exhaust stream builds up in the filter, it restricts system flow and creates significant back pressure, which can cause engine damage. The diesel particulate filter can also become clogged, cracked or melted, and can cause low vehicle power, poor fuel efficiency and excessive coolant usage. Bring your medium duty truck to Skaha Ford in BC for The Works if you notice any symptoms of a malfunctioning diesel particulate filter. This complete service package delivers essential vehicle inspections, tests and an oil change to keep your fleet running smoothly. We'll also complete a full 83-point inspection and a comprehensive Vehicle Report Card to ensure your commercial vehicle is operating at its best. To learn more about this exclusive service package for your F-450, F-550, F-650 or F-750s, contact our team today.