Do Hood Scoops Actually Improve Performance in BC, Canada?

May 25,2022

Hood vents (sometimes known as "scoops") are a common feature in sports cars such as the Ford Mustang. Though they are sometimes installed for design reasons, they can also provide additional airflow to the engine.  Here is how these front-mounted vents can help improve your car's performance.  Cooling air The hood vents can let in cooler, denser air as the vehicle moves at higher speeds. This flow can help lower engine temperature naturally without additional fans.  Supercharging the engine Depending on the design of the hood scoop, it can increase the pressure and speed of airflow, providing the engine with extra oxygen. This causes a supercharging effect that makes combustion very efficient and produces more power.  Functioning as an intercooler In engines with turbochargers, the intercooler can be mounted on top in the form of a scoop. It lets dense, highly pressurized air into the compressor and improves engine power. Contact our BC dealership to learn more about the performance-enhancing features available on our Fords.