Electric Vs. Gasoline-Powered Cars in Vernon

November 28,2022

The recent impact of global warming does not come as a surprise because it had been warned many times before. For the first time, people have realized that global warming isn't just a myth but a reality. So the next time you're out to buy a new automobile, focus not only on the economic aspect but also on conserving the environment. Electric vehicles come with their pros and cons, but which one outweighs the other? We will help you decide. How to measure efficiency Electric vehicles run on electricity while the gas-powered or internal-combustion engine (ICE) runs on gas. Miles per gallon measures how efficiently gasoline-powered cars use fuel. Miles per gallon equivalent, or MPGe, is a measurement of how efficient electric vehicles are. Maintenance costs Since electric vehicles absolve you of the need to cater to plug changes or oil checks, electric vehicles enjoy an obvious benefit over gas-powered vehicles in terms of maintenance costs. Though some basic maintenance procedures are still required, electric vehicles end up costing half as compared to gas-powered cars. Driving experience We all know what it feels like to be behind the wheels but an electric vehicle offers a unique feeling that resonates charm and luxury. It helps make your ride more enjoyable. Acceleration time An electric vehicle accelerates faster since its motor produces maximum torque at zero revolutions per minute. However, though electric vehicles can accelerate faster than gas automobiles, they frequently have slower top speeds. We hope this information will help you make an informed choice. The benefits of EVs are obvious but the final decision is yours. For more details on finding the best electric vehicle for your requirements, contact us at Skaha Ford. We provide a variety of options on Electric Vehicles that are a perfect fit for any budget.