Exhaust System Maintenance for Medium Duty Trucks in Vernon

May 25,2022

Exhaust system problems can result in poor acceleration and gas mileage. Noticing these troubles could indicate that your commercial vehicle is overdue for a service visit. At Skaha Ford in BC, we specialize in medium-duty truck maintenance and repairs and can fix your exhaust difficulties to ensure lasting performance and reduce costly downtime. Exhaust system failure displays itself in a variety of ways: Rattling Noises: One of the first indications of an issue is a rattling or rumbling noise originating from the truck's rear. A loose muffler will put extra strain on exhaust parts, which can risk getting broken off when driving over bumps or rough roads. Vibrations: Leaks in the exhaust system can create pulsations often felt in the gas pedal, steering wheel or driver's seat. These vibrations are not only bothersome, but they are a serious safety concern. When a leak occurs, dangerous gases enter the atmosphere, causing the truck to fail emission inspections. Check Engine Light: An exhaust leak will also cause engine problems and illuminate the check engine light. If your medium-duty truck is also experiencing poor power delivery and weak acceleration, the exhaust system could be failing. Poor Fuel Efficiency: When an engine does not receive enough oxygen or backed up fumes damage critical components in the fuel system, inadequate gas mileage is a sign of exhaust system issues. Don't let a poorly functioning exhaust slow your commercial fleet down. Instead, contact Skaha Ford in BC to schedule your F-650 and F-750 medium-duty trucks in for service today.