Explore the the Exterior of the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning XLT in BC

May 25,2022

If you are searching for a fully electric pickup that boasts a unique exterior style, then you will love the look of the new 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning. Coming soon to our dealership here at Skaha Ford in BC, you can reserve your eco-friendly truck today!

Available in ten paint colours, you can choose from classic two-tone hues like Agate Black, Stone Grey, and Star White. You also have more eye-catching options such as Atlas Blue and Rapid Red. Whichever shade you choose, you can rest assured that the coat will glisten even when the vehicle is parked.

Designed with a front trunk, you can store extra items underneath the hood. Because there is no traditional gasoline engine, this space can be utilized for other things. It even has hidden 120-volt outlets – Pro Power Onboard – that provide you with 2.4 kWh of exportable energy. There are even dual ports (USB-C and USB-A types) located in this section for hooking up a laptop, television, or microwave! This area measures 400 litres and can carry 181 kg of payload. That is the equivalent of eight bags of concrete weighing 22.7 kg each.

Contact our experts now to learn more about the Ford F-150 Lightning!

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