Find The Right Loans Terms With Easy Deal in Vernon

May 25,2022

When financing a vehicle, BC shoppers can choose a loan with fixed-rate or variable-rate terms. Both types of interest rates can be beneficial depending on credit scores, financial situations and comfort levels. Buying a car with Easy Deal from Skaha Ford lets automotive purchasers select the financing they prefer. Fixed-rate auto loans have a set interest rate for the entire term. This type of loan is ideal for buyers who prefer consistent monthly payments and the predictability of a fixed rate. A variable loan, on the other hand, can fluctuate based on current market conditions and the prime lending rate. This type of financing is suitable for buyers that expect interest rates to drop down the road and are comfortable with fluctuations. With Skaha Ford's Easy Deal, car shoppers can carefully weigh their options when applying for financing online. It's a pressure-free experience that puts our customers in the driver's seat. Not only do they get to choose the vehicle they prefer, but their loan options too. To learn more, contact our team today to inquire about Easy Deal.