Ford Commercial Vehicle News In Penticton BC
2020 ford f350 for sale penticton bcThe release of the 2020 F-150 Lariat promises superior strength in Vernon - with Ford pairing this platform with 9,525-kg of conventional trailering and a maximum payload capacity of 3,651-kg. With such a high performance ratio, however, will come trailers; and trying to manoeuvre long beds through BC is no easy task.

PowerScope support is needed.

Ford has introduced Vernon operators to premium trailer tech - pairing the 2020 F-350 with exclusive PowerScope capabilities. This suite allows for easier navigation, utilizing side-view mirrors that can effectively respond to changing conditions:

Power-Folding Capabilities - both trailer mirrors will open and close with ease, enabling drivers to adjust their angles as needed. Achieve custom visibility around every turn.

Heated Glass - ensure that even the worst weather doesn’t hinder visibility, with these mirrors able to counter sleet, snow, and rain through their multi-level climate controls. Maintain sight-lines and improve safety.

Auto-Dimming - the driver-side mirror can combat changing conditions, with the glass seamlessly reducing glare and sudden bursts of light (whether from the sun or approaching vehicles). This greatly lessens discomfort while traveling.
The PowerScope suite proves a perfect addition to any Vernon journey - allowing operators to efficiently manoeuvre their trailers. To learn more about this F-350 option contact our team today.

2020 Ford F-350 XLT Offers Class-Leading Navigation Tech To Vernon BC

(Posted on Aug 19, 2020 at 12:27PM by Lee Byard)
2020 ford f350 for sale vernon bcThe highways blur together; the backroads are unfamiliar; and every adventure leads you into unknown territories, with only dusty markers to serve as (unsatisfying) guides. It’s time for some navigational help... which the 2020 F-350 XLT will provide.

Ford recognizes that venturing beyond Vernon can prove difficult. This is why it’s fused the new F-350 Super Duty with available Travel Link technology - allowing drivers to more efficiently transition from the highway to the trails. This system (which is part of the SYNC 3 console) offers real-time support, pairing geo-fencing capabilities with adaptive search functionality to track your movements. Turn-by-turn navigation continuously updates a virtual map, providing precise location targeting; while radar sensors scan both traffic patterns and weather conditions, automatically warning of potential concerns and supplying alternative routes. Access information through voice-activated commands to stay on schedule.

To further improve your experience, the F-350’s Travel Link system also features fuel monitoring services - allowing Vernon drivers to quickly identify nearby stations and the best price options. No longer struggle to find a pump.

The 2020 F-350 XLT helps to simplify traveling in Vernon. To learn more about this Ford Super Duty model - or to schedule a test-drive with our team - contact us today.
2020 ford f350 for sale penticton bcThe road is long - coiled across deep ruts and wet turns, demanding precise performance from every truck. Conquering this stretch of BC territory is no easy task for Vernon drivers… unless they sit behind the wheel of the 2020 F-350 XL.

With the release of its latest Super Duty Ford has ensured total terrain domination - fusing the F-350 with a smooth suspension system. At the front is a twin I-beam axle. Coil springs help to reduce friction, while a stabilizer bar assures balanced responses on even the sharpest curves. Gas shock absorbers bolster each rev, allowing for seamless incline transitions; and power steering pairs with available electronic shift-on-the-fly technology to maximize handling.

Further improving the new F-350 XL’s performance is the inclusion of all-wheel disc brakes - which deliver superior stoppage through their vented designs and wide diameters (363-mm in the front and 363-mm in the rear). These rotors use ABS functionality to keep Vernon drivers in full control of their acceleration patterns. Fear no backroad.

The 2020 F-350 XL emphasizes smooth articulation with every adventure - allowing operators to more effectively manoeuvre wild trails. To learn more about this Ford pick-up (or to schedule a test-drive with our team) contact us today.
2020 ford f350 for sale penticton bcIt’s a familiar phrase - Built Ford Tough. When uttered it promises rugged performance, with vehicles tailored for the toughest terrains and most demanding payloads.

It comes as no surprise, therefore, that Ford has fused its 2020 F-350 with this seal of brand approval.

The new F-350 Super Duty can accommodate every demand - with its high-strength aluminum frame pitted against a series of all-terrain tests that would leave most trucks undone. For over 30,000,000-km this platform traveled, with Ford engineers seeking to push the boundaries of performance before releasing it to the BC market.

Climate Changes - the F-350 faced temperatures of -28-degrees Celsius to 48-degrees Celsius, with the impact of both winter sleet and summer sun studied. This showcased the likelihood of rust or corrosion, and it offered designers greater insights into component structures.

Steep Inclines - Ford forced this pick-up to endure grueling six-degree grades for over 800-km, ensuring that the braking system and terrain control technologies could perform at peak levels for extended periods.

Unique Environments - the F-350’s suspension was punished with different terrains (including high-water wading, mud baths, and gravel pits). All responses were assessed to ensure optimal four-post responses. 

Through these tests the Super Duty emerged a true full-ton beast - and Okanagan drivers will now reap the rewards. To learn more contact us today.
2020 ford f350 for sale penticton bcExpect more from the commercial market than strength. Instead allow the 2020 F-350 to deliver dynamic tech options - with Ford pairing this pick-up with a series of charge ports to power every device. Achieving consistent connectivity now proves easy.

With the release of the 2020 F-350 Ford is bringing high-tech support to Okanagan. Slip inside the cabin and discover multiple 110-volt/400-watt ports. These strategically mounted outlets (which are located in the instrument panel and at the base of the flow-through centre-console) enable operators to sync tools and commercial equipment, providing quick-charge results even while driving; while a newly available USB-C connection enables instant access to telematic devices. Plug-in powerpoints are also utilized, flanking the eight-inch productivity screen. 

To further impress the new F-350 also features an available wireless pad - which accommodates a wide range of smartphones and tablets. Built-in charging technology can quickly power items (while still allowing incoming calls, texts, and even SYNC 3 content to stream). Maintaining infotainment is no longer a challenge.

The 2020 F-350 allows Okanagan operators to more efficiently connect with their devices. To learn more about this pick-up’s outlet options contact our team today.
2020 ford f350 for sale penticton bcThe value of the 2020 F-350 extends far beyond its super-sized proportions (though none can deny its generous bed, which delivers up to 2,066-mm of total payload storage and utilizes integrated tie-downs, tow-hooks, and side-bins to assure optimal organization). Instead Okanagan drivers are discovering cabin capability, with this truck’s interior tailored for every haul.

Prepare for ample storage on the road.

To ensure that drivers can properly stow their cargo, Ford has paired the new F-350 with an intuitive design. A flat-loading floor affords increased volume, allowing for easier access; while available 170-degree rear doors open wide to assure more convenient entries. Beneath the seats are under-mounted boxes, which prove ideal for smaller (fragile) items; and a secondary glove compartment latches securely. 

When these features combine, they afford class-leading support - with the 2020 F-350 boasting up to 3,348-litres in total volume. This allows Okanagan drivers to effortlessly accommodate passengers and cargo alike, with the storage options integrated directly into the truck to maximize available space. 

 The 2020 F-50 is ready to impress in BC. To learn more about this Ford pick-up - or to schedule a test-drive in one of our available models - contact our team today.
2020 ford f350 for sale penticton bcThe commercial market doesn’t conform to a 9 to 5 schedule. Instead Okanagan operators will find themselves delivering payloads at the most unforgiving hours, battling dark highways and poorly lit work-sites. Unloading - and even seeing - cargo becomes a challenge.

The 2020 F-350 offers a brighter alternative. 

Ford has paired this Super Duty platform with advanced support, enabling Okanagan drivers to efficiently stack, stow, and organize their cargo. High-illumination LEDs flank the box, drawing attention to the integrated hooks and tie-downs; while side-mirror spotlights allow for easier entries (no longer fumble to find the door handle or key insert). A centre-mounted lamp anchors the top of the truck, casting wide beams while traveling; and, to further improve the payload process, a trailer bulb is also available. This sits beneath the tailgate and showcases the location of the hitch, providing operators with a clearer reversal path. 

The 2020 F-350 proves ready to impress on dark nights. Take advantage of this truck’s ample lighting features - including standard dual-beam halogen headlamps and available roof clearance bulbs - to enhance every payload.

To learn more about the new F-350 and its lighting technologies contact our team today - and don’t forget to schedule a test-drive in one of our available models at your earliest convenience. 
2020 ford f350 for sale penticton bcThe commercial market proves punishing - with Okanagan drivers forced to battle payload scrapes, scratches, and skids. Cargo (no matter how carefully stacked) leaves marks on every truck, compromising bed integrities and undermining strength; and maintaining a professional appearance seems impossible. 

Allow the 2020 F-350 Super Duty to change that.

Ford is pairing this pick-up with the durability drivers deserve - utilizing its exclusive Tough Bed technology to defend against cargo scratches. This is a factory-installed substance that coats the entire rear bay (from the tailgate guard to the attachment bolts); and it assures superior defence. An even layer is applied by a pressure sprayer, affording comprehensive support; while the non-slip texture helps to hold items in place and reduce skidding. The thickness of the material proves rugged, and the promise of UV protection further impresses: greatly reducing heat damage and paint corrosion.

To further improve the F-350’s appearance, the Tough Bed liner delivers a water-tight seal - keeping rain, snow, and other elements from collecting on the metal frame. This helps to eliminate rust and maintain precise textures.

No longer fear cargo scratches. Instead allow the 2020 F-350’s available Tough Bed tech to enhance your experience.

To learn more contact us today.
2020 ford transit for sale okanagan bcPerformance no longer resides solely beneath the hood. Instead the 2020 Transit brings it to the cabin, offering an exclusive Interior Upgrade Package to Okanagan. This suite emphasizes both convenience and comfort, ensuring that drivers can more effectively respond to cargo demands; and it delivers the value that’s too often denied within the commercial market.

Slide into the new Transit and discover an enhanced cabin. The Interior Upgrade Package provides everyday ease, with durable vinyl materials now anchoring the front and rear (achieve quick clean-ups and eliminate stains). Short-arm adjustable mirrors flank the van’s sides, affording improved sight-lines; and sun visors help to defend against those bright Okanagan mornings. Full-height polypropylene panels bolster the cargo bay to deliver custom organization; while a cruise control feature is integrated into dash, ensuring precise speed regulation with the press of a button.

The Interior Upgrade Package offers more than convenience, however. Instead drivers will find themselves impressed with the Dark Palazzo Grey cloth seats - which provide superior spinal support on long hauls.

Curious about the 2020 Transit and its cabin upgrade? Contact our team today to request further information - and don’t hesitate to schedule a test-drive in one of our available Ford models.
2020 ford transit for sale kelowna bcCargo no longer proves your enemy. Instead Ford allows you to dominate every payload - fusing the 2020 Transit with an exclusive Trailer Tow Package. Enhance storage and convenience while traveling through the Okanagan.

The new Transit is ready to impress. Select the heavy-duty Trailer Package and redefine all cargo possibilities, taking advantage of exclusive technologies. A frame-mounted hitch receiver affords easier connections; while a 4-pin/7-pin set-up promises improved performance, adapting to both basic platform functions (such as turn signals) and advanced auxiliary inputs. An integrated relay bolsters the running lights; and the wiring provisions and rear jumper can accommodate the Tow/Haul mode.

This setting will be of particular interest to 2020 Transit fans - utilizing adaptive steering and precise transmission control to optimize performance. Regulate speed, braking, and stability with the press of a button; and achieve a hauling capacity of up to 3,130-kg. 

The Trailer Tow Package transforms the Transit from everyday platform to commercial work-horse - providing Okanagan operators with the strength they need. To learn more about this van (or to schedule a test-drive in one of our current models) contact our team today.