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2020 ford transit for sale kamloops bcThe number proves impressive - with a 95-litre fuel tank anchoring the 2020 Transit XLT. Ford has ensured that this passenger van can deliver efficiency, utilizing both port-injection and direct-injection technologies to maximize resources; and this assures a 12.8 L/100km rating on the highway, allowing Kamloops operators to focus on payloads instead of station visits.

Eventually, however, every Transit driver will need to seek out fuel - and to simplify this process the FordPass Connect app is available.

When searching for fuel activate the FordPass program (which is compatible with both Apple and Android devices). Access the Find tab and take advantage of real-time monitoring, with a grid-map of nearby stations appearing. Users can observe pump locations, creating turn-by-turn directions to them; or they can instead refine their searches, building a series of custom parameters (including price ranges, preferred brands, and available grades) to ensure they receive the perfect options.

Through this function the FordPass app allows Kamloops drivers to more efficiently fuel their platforms - delivering GPS precision and advanced price gauging. 

Curious about how this suite can impact your Transit travels? Contact our team today to learn more - and don’t forget to schedule a test-drive in the new XLT.
2020 ford transit for sale kamloops bcSpace proves no concern for Kamloops drivers - with the 2020 Transit XLT offering a cavernous interior (its extended wheelbase boasts a length of 1,437.6-mm, affording up to five rows of seating and a 15-passenger capacity). An available 4,323-mm of cargo volume pairs with class-leading leg room (1,049-mm, 856-mm, and 904.2-mm when applicable). This van will adapt to every demand.

To ensure that it can accommodate Kamloops’ twisting roads, however, Ford has fused it with an advanced suspension suite.

Anchoring the front of the 2020 Transit XLT is an independent MacPherson-strut function, which assures smooth cornering. Leaf springs bolster the rear, helping to strengthen articulation; while heavy-duty shock absorbers reduce friction to create a more refined ride. Roll stability control further impresses, utilizing advanced sensors to detect changes in yaw and alignment. These then send signals to the suspension, alerting it to adjust as needed to yield a seamless turn.

Through this the new Transit XLT can better respond to highway demands and downtown streets alike - branding it ideal for Kamloops operators.

To learn more about this passenger can - including available financing options - contact us today.
2020 ford transit for sale kamloops bcWith the release of the 2020 Transit XL Passenger Van Ford is bringing convenience to Kamloops - delivering an expansive tri-row cabin that can host up to 15 people with ease. The Big Blue Oval knows, however, that each of these riders will come with an excess of suitcases and souvenirs; and a trailer will be needed to accommodate it all.

This is why it’s paired the new Transit XL Passenger Van with an exclusive Trailer Tow Package.

Available for this platform is a heavy-duty package, which affords enhanced cargo capabilities. A frame-mounted hitch receiver ensures effortless reversals, while a 4-pin/7-pin connector seamlessly accommodates all electronic systems (including the brake lights). An integrated relay bolsters turn signal functions, and wiring provisions for a rear jumper are also included. Additionally, Ford has fused this van with Tow/Haul capabilities - which provide smooth gear transitions, automatically responding to power-band demands as inclines change.

Through this the new Transit XL can easily haul up to 3,130-kg - and Kamloops operators will never have to compromise comfort for storage.

To learn more about this Ford van (or to request a test-drive in one of our available Transit models) contact our team today.
2020 ford transit for sale kamloops bcAppearances may prove deceiving - as fans of the 2020 Transit can attest. Despite this Ford van’s super-sized roofline (with the Long-El trim delivering 2,780-mm of total height), it still boasts a downtown design, with its chassis tailored for tight Kamloops turns. Struggle no more with manoeuvring through the city streets.

The 2020 Transit Long-El has been engineered for everyday hauls - with Ford ensuring that its 3,750-mm wheelbase can navigate any corner. It features a tight track design (1,732.3-mm in the front and 1,742.4-mm in the rear), while the forward overhang measures only 1,023-mm to afford easier manoeuvring. The side-view mirrors can be folded inward when parking in narrow spaces, dropping the total platform width from 2,474-mm to 2,113.3-mm; and the 712-mm curb extension allows drivers to roll over speed-bumps and pot-holes with confidence.

Despite its city-friendly design, however, the 2020 Transit Long-El still emphasizes cargo convenience - with its side-sliding doors measuring 1,600.2-mm in height and 1,300.5-mm in width. Stowing equipment will prove an easy task.

Curious about the new Transit Long-El? Contact our team today to learn more about this commercial van - and don’t hesitate to schedule a test-drive at your earliest convenience.

2020 Ford Transit Ensures Safe Driving Experience In Okanagan

(Posted on Sep 16, 2020 at 09:35AM by Lee Byard)
2020 ford transit for sale okanagan bcWith the unveiling of the 2020 Transit Ford promises more than commercial performance. Instead it offers safety - fusing this van with a series of preventative technologies to protect both drivers and their cargo. Ensure that every BC journey delivers premium support.

Slide behind the wheel of the new Transit and discover class-leading protection. Anchoring this platform is a comprehensive airbag suite - which includes dual-frontal and side-curtain inflatables. Three-point seat-belts are provided for all positions, and advanced sensors can automatically unlock the doors in the wake of a crash (affording easier entry for emergency personnel). 

Further enhancing every Vernon haul is a suite of intuitive systems. Lane-Keeping Assist monitors the Transit’s trajectory, instantly detecting a dangerous deviation; while pre-collision monitoring issues warnings when observing a potential concern (such as a stalled vehicle or a pedestrian). Rain-sensing wipers pair with automatic high-beams to ensure total weather control, and optional cross-traffic alerts provide comprehensive side-view support.

Through these features the 2020 Transit proves ready to defend against even the wildest BC conditions. To learn more about them - or to schedule a test-drive in one of our available commercial vans - contact our team today.
2020 ford transit for sale okanagan bcA super-sized philosophy doesn’t always prove necessary - or wanted. Too often do Vernon drivers find themselves struggling to manoeuvre their massive commercial vans down city streets; and a simple turn becomes an ordeal.

Ford suggests a more economical option - the 2020 Transit in a Regular/Low Roof configuration.

For those sending their payloads downtown the Regular/Low Roof Transit will prove ideal - boasting a series of tight dimensions that allow it to more effectively adapt. Its sporty profile (which measures 5,585-mm in length and 2,123-mm in height) can smoothly manoeuvre down any lane; while the lean front track (1,732-mm) promises easier parking. The hinged door opens to 1,300-mm, providing a cargo-friendly width that won’t impede sidewalk traffic; and the mirrors can fold inward to afford greater clearance (2,114-mm versus the standard 2,464-mm).

The 2020 Transit will impress in BC, allowing drivers to effortlessly navigate tight turns - and it will prove that less can truly be more.

Want to experience the new Transit’s downtown capabilities? Contact our team today to schedule a test-drive in one of our available models - and don’t hesitate to request additional spec or financing information as well.

2020 Ford Transit Delivers Intelligent AWD To Okanagan BC

(Posted on Sep 2, 2020 at 02:05PM by Lee Byard)
2020 ford transit for sale okanagan bcHighway conditions don’t always prove favourable. Instead Vernon drivers will find themselves battling strong winds, heavy rains, and slick bursts of sleet - all of which compromise the performance of their commercial vans. Each trip becomes a challenge.

Ford wishes to change that - which is why it’s paired the 2020 Transit with optional Intelligent All-Wheel-Drive.

Anchoring the new Transit is an advanced drivetrain that can adapt to changing environments with ease. Integrated sensors continually scan the vehicle, assessing traction ratios, trajectory patterns, and roll rates hundreds of times per second. If a misalignment is detected, these units automatically divert power among the wheels (distributing torque as needed to improve grippage and assure a more balanced stance). When the issue is corrected, they will then send a signal to resume normal performance outputs. 

Through this, the Transit can seamlessly respond to the highway - with its Intelligent AWD yielding real-time corrections and precise traction control. To further impress, Ford has also ensured that this system is fully integrated into the chassis and will not impact the floor level or seat height. Achieve maximum storage in Okanagan.

Curious about the 2020 Transit and its available AWD? Contact our team today to learn more about this system.
2020 ford transit for sale vernon bcExpect more from standard - with the 2020 Transit’s base engine proving anything but ordinary. No longer will the need for economy compromise performance. Instead Vernon drivers can achieve both, experiencing segment-leading capability with each press of the pedal.

Peek beneath the hood of the new Transit and discover a potent engine suite. The 3.5L V6 will impress on the highway, generating 275 HP (at 6,500 RPMs) and 262 lb.-ft of torque (at 3,750 RPMs). A 10-speed automatic transmission bolsters every payload, delivering SelectShift precision; while integrated overdrive technology further enhances performance, allowing the van to achieve seamless handling at lower revolutions. Maintain a smooth powerband while traveling.

The 2020 Transit promises more than strength, however. Its standard V6 engine also offers efficiency - blending port-fuel and direct-injection technologies to bolster ratings. It refuses to guzzle gasoline; and this results in a 12.8 L/100km output on the highway (enabling Vernon drivers to focus on accommodating up to 8,071.1-litres of cargo volume instead of searching for a pump).

With the release of the new Transit Ford redefines the commercial market. To learn more about this van - or to schedule a test-drive in one of our available models - contact our team today.
2020 ford transit for sale vernon bcStyle is often sacrificed in the commercial market - and, for those wanting more than mere payload power, this can prove frustrating. This is why Ford has paired the 2020 Transit with a series of exterior upgrades, injecting some much-needed design into every haul.

Choose the exclusive Exterior Package to transform the new Transit. Among the included features are:

Chrome Trim 

The standard halogen headlamps are given an upgrade, with chrome strips now surrounding them. This perfectly complements the wide, square shape of each light.

Chrome Grille

Traditional carbon black is swapped for dynamic chrome, with the tri-bar shape flanked by metallic trim. This proves a striking contrast to the Transit’s dark accents (including its capped mirrors and hood vents).

Wheel Upgrades

Discover two unique wheel configurations for the 2020 Transit:

16-inch Steel With Full Silver Covers (SRW).
16-inch Silver Steel With Exposed Lug Nuts (DRW).

Each will add a sporty stance to the commercial market, especially when paired with standard all-season tires.

The 2020 Transit offers more than performance to Vernon. To take advantage of its available exterior upgrades - or to request additional specs - contact our team today. We will happily connect you to the information you need.
2020 ford transit for sale vernon bcIt’s a series of unfortunate stains - with coffee spilt, food crumbs scattered, and long streaks of dirt following every slide of your tools. Each day leaves your van dirty and your patience frayed. Spending so much time cleaning is simply not productive.

Ford agrees - which is why the 2020 Transit has been designed for easy maintenance. Enter this commercial van and discover three distinct flooring options that will expedite the cleaning process:

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl comes standard for the front and optional for the rear; and its durable design allows for quick cleaning, proving resistant to grit and grime (a damp rag will often be enough to wipe away everyday debris). 

Carpet Mats

Choose these options if you wish to improve cabin comfort without compromising value. Each mat can be removed from the Transit for vacuuming - while still offering plush textures. Scheduling regular detailing services, however, is recommended to maintain carpet integrity.

Heavy-Duty Liners

For those who use the rear bay to haul equipment, the heavy-duty option will prove ideal. This thick liner - which is assisted by scuff plates - can counter dents and dings, offering commercial-grade durability. Greatly reduce cargo scratches while traveling.

The 2020 Transit enables Vernon drivers to customize their maintenance options - featuring three unique floors to consider. To learn more contact our team today.
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