Ford Commercial Vehicle News In Penticton BC
2020 ford transit for sale penticton bcPrecaution and prevention - you seek always to ensure a safe highway experience. All rules are followed; every measure is taken; and there's no second that isn’t dedicated to smart driving. 

Despite this, however, there is no guarantee that an accident won’t occur - and that is why Ford has paired the 2020 Transit with the SOS Post-Crash Alert System.

In the event of an incident - when at least one airbag is deployed - the SOS System will automatically engage, helping to alert both passing cars and emergency personnel to the Transit’s location. Hazard lights will activate, flashing in sequence; and the horn will begin to intermittently sound. This will continue until the operator presses the stop button or the vehicle’s battery runs out of power. Through this, hours of visual and audio support can be achieved (which may prove critical if riders find themselves away from the main road).

By integrating the SOS Post-Crash Alert System into the Transit, Ford helps to greatly improve the chance of individuals being found - countering both distance and the dark through its sequences. This pairs perfectly with other advanced features (such as forward-collision warnings, lane-keeping assistance, and a rearview camera) to improve performance while traveling.

To learn more about the 2020 Transit’s available safety technologies contact our team today.
2020 ford transit connect for sale penticton bcAchieve total payload domination in the 2020 Transit Connect - taking advantage of an available EcoBoost upgrade that will ensure class-leading capability with every press of the pedal.

Experience pure EcoBoost performance in the new Transit Connect. Ford has paired this commercial van with an optional engine suite - enhancing power and improving payload possibilities. Beneath the hood van growls a 3.5L V6, which can produce up to 310 HP and 400 lb.-ft of torque (compare this to the standard 3.5L PDFI V6’s 275 HP and 262 lb.-ft of torque). Dual turbochargers maximize output, virtually eliminating lag; while direct-injection technology helps to bolster fuel distribution and increase sequencing. A 10-speed automatic transmission further enhances capability, utilizing drag-reduction technology to enable smooth shifting.

These elements combine to promote peerless performance - with the 2020 Transit Connect yielding a maximum towing capacity of 2,903-kg when equipped with the EcoBoost engine suite. Accommodate every payload with ease.

The 2020 Transit Connect promises impressive strength in Penticton. To learn more about this Ford van - or to schedule a test-drive in one of our available models - contact our team today. We will happily answer any questions.

2020 transit connect for sale penticton bcElegance isn’t an expectation. You chose your cargo van for strength, not smooth handling; and you’ve resigned yourself to a lifetime of clumsy steerage and slow responses. This is the way of things.

With the release of the 2020 Transit Connect Ford is determined to change that.

The new Transit Connect has arrived and it’s bringing dynamic handling to Penticton. An independent MacPherson-Strut suspension bolsters the front, while the rear is assisted by leaf springs and heavy-duty shock absorbers. A stabilizer bar anchors the chassis, helping to assure balanced responses on tight turns; and AdvanceTrac technology improves performance, boasting increased torque control and precise speed regulation. 

Further enhancing the Transit’s handling is its steering system - which pairs a rack-and-pinion design with electric power-assistance. This allows operators to more effectively adapt to changing terrains, with advanced sensors automatically identifying when the column tension should be adjusted. Achieve a more refined ride in Penticton.

The 2020 Transit Connect delivers exceptional performance, with its chassis tailored for rough roads and heavy payloads alike. To schedule a spin in this Ford van - or to request additional specs or financing information - contact our team today.
Performance demands more than a one-size-suits-all philosophy. Instead Ford knows that custom capability is needed to ensure optimal results - with Penticton businesses requiring bespoke solutions for their cargo demands. This is why the Big Blue Oval has paired its 2020 Transit Connect with a series of external upgrades, enabling drivers to tailor every rev with ease. 

The 2020 Transit Connect offers more than power. It also boasts a fully configurable fascia, with Ford adding a suite of newly available features. These include:

Ensure the Transit is primed for heavy loads, selecting from eight available wheel designs (such as: 16-inch steel, 16-inch forged aluminum, and 16-inch heavy-duty forged aluminum).


Maintain your sightlines with help from the Transit. This cargo van boasts multiple lighting options to illuminate even the darkest roads, including high-intensity discharge headlamps, fog lamps, and wiper-activated autolamps. 


Maximize efficiency with the Transit’s new extended-range tank. Add this option to the van and achieve a total fuel capacity of 59.8-litres, which translates to 8.8L/100 km on the highway.


Improve cargo access by selecting either a 180-degree swing-out door (which affords a wider bay) or dual-sliding side panels (which allow for easier rear storage).

Transform the Transit into the ultimate commercial ride. To learn more about this Ford van’s many exterior options contact us today.
2020 ford transit connect for sale penticton bcHigh winds prove the bane of every payload - undermining stability, countering cornering, and threatening to topple even tightly-packed stacks. Penticton drivers find themselves traveling the highway with clenched fists, worried that a sudden gale will leave them compromised.

Ford has a solution to this windy problem - the 2020 Transit Connect.

Bolstering the new Transit Connect is exclusive side-wind stabilization technology. Sensors line the exterior panels, continually assessing gust patterns and weather trends. If a change is detected - such as a sudden air burst - alerts will be sent to the braking system, automatically triggering pressure application. This will decrease overall acceleration and enhance traction, affording a more balanced ride.

To further improve performance, the Transit’s side-wind system is used in conjunction with Roll Stability Control - which helps to reduce lateral slides and sudden skids by re-distributing traction among the wheels. It maintains an optimal stance, seamlessly adjusting power outputs; and this allows drivers to achieve a refined hauling experience, even when faced with strong gusts.

The 2020 Transit Connect delivers more than impressive payloads (up to 2,055-kg). Instead it helps to bolster the Penticton commercial market - enabling operators to stay on schedule and in control. 

To learn more about this Ford van contact us today.
2020 ford transit commerical telematics penticton bcMaintain control over your cargo with help from the 2020 Ford Transit. This van delivers exclusive telematic functions to Penticton - enabling companies to maintain seamless connectivity with their drivers, their customers, and the road.

Integrated geo-fencing software tracks each Ford Transit’s location, assuring schedules are maintained; while virtual notifications are displayed in real-time, reminding of necessary repairs. Compliance technology monitors acceleration patterns and braking pressure to ensure drivers adhere to company (and highway) standards; and the FordPass App improves each trip with parking suggestions, fuel tracking, and more. 
Through its exclusive telematic options, the 2020 Transit proves a perfect addition to any crew. Contact us today to learn more.
2020 ford transit van for sale penticton bcHeavy hauls demand peerless performance - which is why Ford is now pairing its 2020 Transit with an exclusive 10-speed automatic transmission. This cargo van will adapt to every payload, delivering custom gear settings and peak efficiency. Struggle no more, Penticton!

According to Ford Authority, the new Transit (which is available in Cargo, Crew, and Passenger trims) will feature a 10-speed automatic transmission. This will replace the original six-speed across all markets, and it will bolster performance capabilities - offering a broad ratio spread that can accommodate changing inclines and payloads alike. Adaptive shift scheduling technology provides real-time support, seamlessly adjusting to operator commands; while a drag-reduction function improves responses. Three overdrive gears enhance capability, allowing the system to quickly accelerate between mid-range settings and promoting a more balanced ride.

Further bolstering this transmission is its use of low-viscosity fuel. The 10-speed console is engineered to reduce friction and increase economy - ensuring an estimated highway output of 12.8/100L KM.

The 2020 Transit promises to redefine the commercial market - thanks to its innovative transmission system. To learn more about this feature (or to schedule a test-drive in one of our available models) contact us today.

2020 ford transit van for sale penticton bcToo often does the commercial market demand compromise - with Penticton drivers forced to sacrifice safety for performance. This market is defined by payload outputs, not collision prevention; and confidently navigating downtown streets proves a challenge, with stop-and-go traffic undermining every trip.

The 2020 Transit will change this.

Ford ensures that drivers can now experience sedan-worthy safety with every haul - fusing the new Transit with an exceptional protection suite. Blind-spot monitoring seamlessly tracks road conditions, while available front and split-view cameras provide 180-degrees of high-definition support. Pre-collision assistance utilizes advanced sensors to detect approaching obstacles (including pedestrians or other vehicles) and alert operators to the possibility of a crash; and automatic emergency braking delivers superior speed control, swiftly responding to changing traffic patterns. 

Want to achieve maximum protection? Ford offers lane-keeping assistance for the Transit - with this system observing both vehicle trajectory and road markers. Should the van begin to drift from its correct route, a series of chimes and steering wheel vibrations will occur. This allows drivers to quickly correct their positions and avoid a crash.

The 2020 Transit transforms the commercial market - affording drivers the safety they (and their cargo) deserve. To learn more about its available features contact our team today.