Ford Commercial Vehicle News In Penticton BC
Ford Commercial Vehicle News In Penticton BC

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Simplify the cargo experience with help from the 2020 F-350 Super Duty. This class-leading pick-up now delivers more than performance. Instead Penticton drivers can achieve convenience, courtesy of its FordPass suite.

The full-ton market has finally embraced sedan-worthy ease. The FordPass system - a series of automated programs that can be tailored to a driver’s specific needs - now bolsters the 2020 F-350; and this affords instant access to:
Wi-Fi - transform this Super Duty platform into a roaming hotspot, with integrated 4G connections provided.

Remote Start - engage this truck with the press of a button, turning on the engine, locking mechanisms, and more. To further impress, drivers can access a digital calendar and set specific dates and times for this feature to activate.

Fuel Monitoring - maintain a real-time count of every drop of gasoline or diesel, with information streamed to any synched mobile device.

Kilometre Monitoring - keep track of distances and upcoming maintenance requirements, with all milestones loaded directly to an account.

The FordPass suite provides drivers with peerless control of the F-350, and it helps to improve every haul. To learn more about this program (or the new Super Duty) contact our team today.