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Ford Commercial Vehicle News In Penticton BC

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2020 ford f150 for sale kelowna bcThe view is obscured; the angle is unforgiving; and, no matter how far your crane your neck outside of a window, you still can’t quite see what sits behind your truck. With crossed fingers you press down on a pedal, hoping for the best.

Ford believes you need more than hope. Instead you deserve the assurance of a Reverse Sensing System - as provided by the 2020 F-150.

No longer guess trajectories or assume alignments. Let the 2020 F-150 instead offer security - with its Reverse Sensing System utilizing bumper-mounted sensors to continually assess the terrain. These emit ultrasonic signals that can detect when an obstacle approaches; and, when this occurs, they immediately send an audio warning to the cabin, alerting the driver to the potential concern. They also pair with the real-time LCD streaming feed from the camera to afford a wide-angle perspective and allow operators to correct their movements.

If no actions are taken, however, the Reverse Sensing System will further engage - increasing the speed of the audio alerts as an obstacle nears. This will continue until a path is changed.

The Reversal Sensing System enables operators to more effectively navigate - warning them of impending problems and affording more time to respond. To learn more about this F-150 function contact us today.