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2020 Ford F-350 Offers Vehicle Health Alerts To Kamloops Drivers

(Posted on Nov 11, 2020 at 08:35PM by Lee Byard)
A schedule is frantic - defined by long hours and endless errands. You spend your day struggling to keep pace with the commercial chaos; and thinking about whether your vehicle is due for a servicing simply isn't feasible.

Ford understands - which is why it’s paired the 2020 F-350 with Vehicle Health Alerts.

Simplify your schedule with help from the new F-350. Available with the SYNC 3 system is a Vehicle Health Alert function, which provides comprehensive monitoring of key performance metrics.
Check Fuel Levels

When waiting for cargo to be loaded ensure that you have enough fuel to get to your next stop. Log-in to the system and receive a real-time reading of your current levels, as well as a display of your total mileage. 

Schedule Oil Changes

Never miss another oil change. The Vehicle Health Alert system automatically reminds you when it’s time to schedule an appointment, streaming notifications to your phone and the truck itself.

Monitor Engine Performance

Should a sudden issue - such as temperature spikes, ignition failures, or catalytic malfunctions - occur, this system will immediately send a warning to your phone: urging you to pull over and address the problem. Suggestions will also be offered via the FordPass function, including whether to request roadside assistance.

These and other metrics are carefully assessed by the Vehicle Health Alert system - allowing F-350 drivers to more efficiently navigate the day. To learn more contact our team.