Ford Commercial Vehicle News In Penticton BC
Ford Commercial Vehicle News In Penticton BC

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2021 ford f150 for sale bc canadaThe hybrid market is no longer defined solely by efficiency. Instead Ford is injecting military-grade performance into every payload - with its 2021 F-150 dominating the highways and backroads alike. This pick-up has been pitted against a myriad of environments, with each kilometre proving worse than the last; and from that extensive testing comes a ride like no other.

To ensure the new F-150 Hybrid can adapt to BC’s ever-changing climate (and always fickle terrains), Ford has fused it with military-grade aluminum-alloy. This heat-treated material has been carefully hardened, with its thickness levels customized at strategic points to promote improved durability; while a fully-boxed steel frame sits beneath, utilizing enlarged cross-members to assure precise rigidity. 

This promotes a more durable ride - which Ford then tested with a series of environmental challenges. Across a 402,000-km journey, it twisted the suspension system seven different ways (to simulate off-road travel); thermally shocked the engine to reproduce plummeting temperatures; bounced the tires across high gravel hills; and more. The result was a pick-up that could adapt to every challenge. 

Want to experience a new kind of hybrid vehicle? Contact our team today to learn more about the 2021 F-150!