Ford Expands Climate Change Goals for Penticton and Beyond

May 25,2022

This week, Ford Motor Company announced their intention to move toward complete carbon neutrality on a global level by 2050. The announcement comes as part of their 21st-annual Sustainability Report. Ford now stands as the only United States-based full-line automaker committed to working with California for enhanced vehicle greenhouse gas standards and dedicated to cutting CO2 emissions in concert with the Paris Climate Agreement.    Carbon neutrality means the achievement of zero carbon emissions via balancing emissions with carbon removal. The Big Blue Oval Brand plans on hitting that goalthrough focusing on three primary areas that account for 95-percent of emissions—company facilities, vehicle use, and the supply base.  Thus far, Ford has already routed more than $11.5 billion toward electric vehicle investment from now through 2022, as evidenced by the upcoming Mustang Mach-E, fully electric F-150, and Transit Commercial vehicles. The company is also now on track to power their entire array of plants with 100-percent locally-sourced renewable energy by 2035. Call us at Skaha to learn more about Ford's exciting hybrid and electric vehicle plans!