Ford Medium-Duty Truck Brake Adjustments and Replacements in Hedley

June 7,2022

Brakes are one of the most critical components of your Ford commercial vehicle. To ensure optimal stopping abilities and long-lasting wear, you must take care of your braking system – not just with regular maintenance but by being aware of your driving habits. Here are five tips from our medium-duty truck experts at Skaha Ford to minimize downtime and extend the life of your brakes: 1. Slow down Slamming on your brakes while driving at high speeds puts unnecessary pressure on the system. To reduce excessive wear, consider going slower and coasting to a stop. 2. Be aware Always look ahead for upcoming stop signs, red lights, obstacles or a slowdown in traffic. Doing so will help you gradually come to a stop and avoid braking too hard. 3. Avoid unnecessary braking Unnecessary decelerating not only wears your brake parts, but it is a safety concern for drivers behind you. Always keep a safe distance between the vehicle in front of you. If that car stops quickly, you want to have enough space to react in a controlled manner that's gentle on your brakes. 4. Flush brake fluid regularly Flushing your medium-duty truck's brake fluid often helps to ensure that the components last longer and work more efficiently. Your Owner's Guide will outline the appropriate interval for your Ford commercial vehicle. 5. Invest in quality brakes Always choose Original Equipment brake parts, as opposed to aftermarket varieties. Only Genuine Ford and Motorcraft brake parts are designed for a precise fit to ensure quality and performance, plus they are backed by a full warranty.   To learn more about brake adjustments and replacements for your BC commercial fleet, contact Skaha Ford's Service Department in Penticton to book an inspection for your medium-duty truck.