Ford Medium-Duty Truck Coolant Flushes in Oliver

Jun 7,2022

The cooling system in your Ford medium-duty truck is a vital component because it regulates the temperature of your engine and radiator. However, when this system is not functioning correctly, it can spell disaster for your BC commercial fleet by creating long periods of downtime and expensive repairs. If you haven't had the coolant flushed in your medium-duty truck for quite some time, book an appointment with Skaha Ford in Penticton. During this process, our service experts will add a cleaning agent to remove built-up sediment and rust. Our Technicians will also flush the system and add new antifreeze with a conditioner to protect against corrosion. There are many advantages to completing regular coolant flushes in medium-duty trucks. Antifreeze-coolant protects the vehicle during cold weather and – most importantly – prevents cavitation, which occurs when there is a lot of pressure in the combustion cycle. Small pockets of air, similar to bubbles, form on the cylinder's liner, producing a variety of issues. The most apparent sign of cavitation is a significant drop in coolant levels while oil levels increase, reducing performance. Are you unsure of your commercial truck's last coolant flush? If you can't remember or it's been more than three years, it's time to have this critical maintenance service completed.  Contact our team at Skaha Ford in BC to book your appointment!