Ford Medium-Duty Truck Exterior Maintenance in Hedley

Jun 7,2022

Your BC commercial fleet works around the clock and puts in long hours on the road and job site. Therefore, exterior maintenance for your lighting system is critical to keep your crew protected and comply with safety regulations. At Skaha Ford, we support busy fleets with medium-duty truck inspections, maintenance and repairs. When you book your C-Type, F-Type or E-Type vehicle for service, our factory-trained Technicians will identify and repair any lighting issues to prevent system failures. Our exterior lighting service will look for signs of corrosion, which occurs when unprotected wiring or connectors are exposed to moisture and wet conditions. Should your truck have any burnt-out front headlamps and signal lights, fog lamps, taillamps and truck lighting bulbs, we will replace these parts for better visibility. Our team can also swap out incandescent lamps with LEDs, which have a higher light output and provide enhanced longevity. Don't let degraded lighting systems lessen your commercial fleet's safety. Instead, keep your medium-duty trucks performing their best with expert service at Skaha Ford in BC. Book an inspection today!