Ford Medium-Duty Truck Vehicle Inspections in Hedley

June 7,2022

No longer settle on medium-duty truck maintenance for your BC commercial fleet. Instead, allow Skaha Ford's Service Department in Penticton to complete regular vehicle checks on your trucks to keep them working as hard as you do. Our Ford factory-trained Technicians with Red Seal certifications will complete an 83-point inspection using our exclusive Vehicle Report Card at every service. During the examination, the following components and systems will receive a thorough analysis: • Exterior Body: Head and tail lamps, body panels, the hood and bed will be inspected for signs of damage. • Tire & Brake Wear: Wear and tear on all tires and the braking system will be addressed to ensure responsiveness and reliability. • Oil & Fluid: All fluid levels will be topped up, and our Technicians will change the oil filter. • Systems & Components: Critical systems and components will be examined to detect potential issues, including the lighting systems, the air filter, belts, hoses, exhaust systems and more. • Battery: The battery and charging system will be tested to verify optimal performance. • Interiors: Interior components will be inspected, such as the seat control, steering wheel, infotainment functions, and more. The results from the assessments will be recorded on a Vehicle Report Card, using a red, yellow and green rating system to detail what components are running well, what needs immediate attention, and what may require service to help you plan for future maintenance. Minimize downtime and maximize opportunities by bringing your Ford medium-duty truck in for an 83-point inspection. To book an appointment, contact us at Skaha Ford in BC today.