Ford Service Battery Inspections for Medium-Duty Trucks in Westbank

Jun 7,2022

A properly functioning battery is necessary for the reliable operation of your Ford medium-duty truck. Not only does it power the starting system, but it also supplies energy to all of the electrical components.   As a result, the battery is an essential component of your commercial truck – and one that our service experts at Skaha Ford can ensure superior performance with our maintenance services. Batteries begin to fail after approximately three years, but it's not the only determining factor. Battery life depends on usage cycles and operating conditions. Warning signs of a worsening battery can include: • Hard starting, slow cranking • Accessory failure • Charging or electrical system problems • Damaged battery cables  • Bulging or deformed battery containers • Loose battery terminals • Leaky battery fluid When you bring your Ford medium-duty truck in for service, our factory-trained Red Seal-certified Technicians can test your battery to ensure optimal performance. We will also complete a visual inspection of the battery and its connections. If replacement is required, we can recommend and install the best battery for your commercial vehicle to perform well with your typical driving conditions. Contact our team at Skaha Ford in BC to schedule a service appointment today.