Ford Service Brake Inspections in Vernon

May 25,2022

Your Ford's braking system uses friction to stop your vehicle. When you push the brake pedal, the pads inside the callipers press against the rotor to slow you down. Think about how many times you activate your brakes in a single commute to work. Now magnify that over a year – that's a lot of friction. Our team at Skaha Ford in BC is here to help. When your brakes wear down over time, you might feel the steering wheel shudder, hear grinding and squealing, or notice that your brake pedal feels squishy or sponge-like. You might also smell a strange odour or see an illuminated warning light on your dash. No matter the warning sign, all points lead to needing a brake inspection. Naturally, you never want to get to this point – it's better to be proactive with your Ford's maintenance. Routine inspections can help ward off more costly repairs and identify wear sooner. During your service visit, our Technicians will check for pad wear, rough spots on the rotors, and signs of damage. We can also review your driving habits and service intervals to ensure your vehicle stays running in top condition for your safety and overall enjoyment. Keep your Ford car or truck operating at its best. To book a brake inspection, contact our Service Department in Penticton at Skaha Ford.