Ford SYNC 4: Cloud-Connected Navigation

Sep 17,2022

Ford SYNC 4, the latest version of Ford's voice-activated in-car infotainment system, is now available on new Ford vehicles. The upgrade has been available on select vehicles since 2016 and is currently making its way to more models. The new SYNC 4 features a cloud-connected navigation system allowing you to access your destination information anywhere. The system can also be connected to your smartphone so that you can use your phone as a remote control for the system. The system can use Wi-Fi to download map updates without requiring an SD card or USB drive. The update process is automatic and can be scheduled to occur when the vehicle is idle Ford SYNC 4 offers three ways to get directions: from your phone, voice commands, and the touch screen. When using Ford SYNC 4 for Navigation, it is easier than ever to enter addresses using voice commands. Just say the destination address and speak the address into the microphone. So Ford SYNC 4 is a solid navigation system with plenty of neat features and the potential to be very useful. If you are looking for a new in-vehicle navigation system, we encourage you to try it out on your next vehicle purchase. Get in touch with Skaha Ford today for more information on this feature.