Ford SYNC 4: Connectivity with Voice Recognition Capability

Aug 17,2022

The trailblazing Ford communication and entertainment system, SYNC 4 enables driver to stay connected with the rest of the world while they are on the road. Equipped with one-of-a-kind intelligent cloud-based technological abilities, Ford's SYNC 4 can keep your navigation tool running without interrupting music streaming and other infotainment features. Connect your smartphone with ease to get the most out of the compatibility wireless or cord-free feature with the SYNC AppLink Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. For added road convenience, SYNC 4 also comes equipped with an efficient voice recognition system. Thanks to this feature, you can browse the internet using voice commands without compromising your as well as your passengers' safety. By combining conversational language recognition and cloud-based connectivity, SYNC 4 provides extensive search results and extra functionality for driver, including optional Connected Navigation Options to keep you posted with the latest traffic updates. If you're seeking to get the most out of your Ford driving experience while staying connected to the rest of the world, then the SYNC 4 communication and entertainment system is for you. But keep in mind that this trailblazing system is available only on certain Ford vehicles. Feel free to contact us or drop by at our dealerships in Penticton to know whether or not your dream Ford vehicle is powered by the incredible SYNC 4 system.