Ford SYNC 4: Digital Owner’s Manual

Aug 27,2022

The automaker has taken the Digital Owner's Manual that is already available online and dashed it into the Ford SYNC 4 communication and entertainment system, making it easily searchable via visual reference images and keywords. The Owner's Manual is now stored in select Ford vehicles as a file in the cloud, effortlessly accessed via the SYNC 4 system. This modification virtually removes the need to keep a bulky paper copy in the middle console or the glove box. Displayed on your car's touchscreen, the following features are available: • Visual and keyword search options • Searchable settings info through the SYNC screen • Accessible streaming how-to videos The easy-to-search cloud-based Ford Digital Owner's Manual is updated using the same Power-Up software as the rest of the car. To learn more about the Ford's Power-Up software, do check out the rest of our blog section. There are several other features to be enjoyed beyond what this post showcases, owing to the Ford SYNC 4 system. Overall, Ford's latest communication and entertainment system promises to make its vehicles ones to keep your eyes open for. To learn more about the unique features of the Ford SYNC 4 system, feel free to drop by at our dealerships in Okanagan and Penticton.