Ford SYNC 4: Faster Performance

August 28,2022

Ford has released a new update for SYNC 4 that is supposed to make the infotainment system faster and more responsive. The update includes features like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integration via FordPass so that you can control your smart home devices with your own voice. This new infotainment system has been redesigned and takes less time to respond to voice commands. It also features cloud-based services so owners can access their favorite apps without having to download them first. The updated system comes standard on most new models. The system allows you to connect your smartphone via Bluetooth to make hands-free calls, receive texts and listen to music without taking your eyes off the road or being distracted from driving. SYNC 4 also has faster performance than previous versions of SYNC. And it has a more intuitive interface that makes it easier to find what you are looking for. The new system also gets better voice recognition thanks to improved speech processing algorithms that can better understand your voice and recognize accents. Thus everything is faster, smoother, and more streamlined for the everyday driver. If you're interested, contact the experts at Skaha Ford today to get more updates on SYNC 4.