Ford SYNC 4: Gesture Recognition

September 16,2022

Ford SYNC 4 is a voice-activated, in-car personal assistant that responds to your voice commands. It can control certain vehicle features and perform essential functions such as making phone calls, playing music, and setting navigation. Ford has also introduced gesture recognition as an option for its latest generation of SYNC 4 systems. Gesture recognition allows you to control certain functions of your vehicle by waving your hand in front of the screen of your infotainment center. You can turn down the volume by waving your hand at the screen and increase it by waving your hand away from it. You can also use gestures to scroll through menus on your touchscreen or answer calls without touching anything. The feature uses infrared sensors to detect hand gestures made by the driver while they are driving. This allows them to make requests without taking their eyes off the road or using their hands while driving. With Ford SYNC 4's Gesture Recognition feature, you can control your smartphone by swiping your hand over the top of the center console. If you are listening to music and want to change the song or station, swipe up or down on the center console. If you want to adjust the volume, swipe left or right. If you want to enter a destination into the navigation system, draw an "S" on the center console with your finger as if writing in the air. Contact Skaha Ford for more details.