Ford SYNC 4 – Get Access to Updated Graphic Design and User Interface in Kamloops

Aug 22,2022

Ford has updated the graphic design and user interface for its SYNC 4 infotainment system, making it more modern and intuitive to use. The home screen has been redesigned to feature large, easy-to-use icons that give quick access to the most commonly used functions. The navigation map has also been updated with a new 3D view option that makes it easier to see landmarks and geographic features. Ford SYNC 4 also has new voice-activated controls that allow drivers to control various functions hands-free. The 12-inch screens of SYNC 4 will enable the drivers to multi-task. This is done by the split-screen feature of the system. The home screen will show the most recent applications and will also offer quick access to climate controls, phone, navigation, and audio functions. The new infotainment system will provide an easier way to connect smartphones via USB-C or wirelessly using Ford's new Phone As A Key (Paak) technology. However, the 15-inch screens have additional features like the Adaptive Dash Cards. This feature allows drivers to see different information like the current song playing, navigation directions, and even the vehicle's performance data. The infotainment system will also offer over-the-air updates so that it can always be up-to-date with the latest software features and applications. Overall, the updates to SYNC 4 make it more user-friendly and easier to use while on the go. Contact us to find out more about the Ford SYNC 4.